(Click) Media- Web 2.0 Tools and Practices for Journalists


The purpose of the (Click) Media Project is to provide answers for aspirant journalists like me on how to use innovative ways to best profit from the web 2.0 features while making news.

One of the main questions (Click) Media is trying to answer is: what is the main and most indespensable function media professionals should perform in the era of participatory online cultures, from social networks to citizen journalism?

The target group for whom this question is to be answered is the peer group of newly graduates from journalism and mass communication universities and schools, and however the generation of journalists who are just starting, or have just started, their careers.

Furthermore, (Click) Media is interested in providing an insight, both for insiders and outsiders, into the context in which new journalists are to undertake their careers over the next few decades.

Inevitably, this research will give particular attention to the phenomena that are most affected by the new media developings. Censorship, “big” media monopoly, freedom of expression and democracy will be some of the parametres by which (Click) Media will study the role of Journalism 2.0.


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